My Life as a Joke

Helen Maalik was born in Damascus, Syria, and came to the United states at the age of 7. It wasn't easy growing up as an Arab kid in this country. She got relentlessly taunted by kids and developed quick with and a sharp tongue. She even had to beat up a couple of boys in the 8th grade.

She became an interior designer and had projects published in trade magazines. She quickly realized that she would rather make fun of her clients than design for them.

As a stand-up comedienne based in New York City. Helen performed regularly at top comedy clubs She put audiences at ease as soon as she stepped on stage with her charming and subtle presence, until she started talking. She threw jabs about her husband, marriage and being from the Middle East. Her observations are keen and humorous and will make you think about the mundane. Her well crafted material and sarcastic wit gives this comedienne an edge and a fresh voice to comedy.

She was featured on ABC's '20/20' on a segment about Arab American Comedians and had a recurring role as an 'on-air' interior designer on the Oxygen Network's home improvement show 'Nice package'.

While she no longer performs stand up comedy, Helen Maalik still has a witty sense of humor.